BIP39 Colors

Convert your BIP39 mnemonic to colors and viceversa

BIP39 to Colors
Colors to BIP39

Enter a valid 12 or 24 words BIP39 compatible mnemonic or generate one using an external tool like Iancoleman mnemonic tool



BIP39Colors as Palette

Enter 8/16 BIP39colors and you will get back your BIP39 mnemonic.

Error: The seed must be 12 or 18 words length

BIP39 mnemonic

Why BIP39Colors ?

BIP39 compatible

BIP39Colors offers a BIP39 compatibile secure approach to storing cryptocurrency seeds. Allows you to convert a 12/24 mnemonic of words or word position from BIP39 word list and viceversa.

Colors are everywhere

BIPColors gives you an additional layer of obfuscation because colors are widely present in various sources such as website source code, color palettes used by artists, images, and more. And it's not as obvious as finding a piece of paper with 12 words making them undetectable to hackers or thieves.

Order doesn't matter

It allows for random storage of seed components, eliminating the need for correct positioning.
You can shuffle and store the colors in the order you want and you can always recover its original BIP39 mnemonic

Store each color in different parts and no one will know that those colors correspond to parts of a mnemonic phrase!

OpenSource project without 3rd-party dependencies

This project is 100% opensource, you can get the sorce code from

No third-party libraries, javascript or css framework has been used

Use this tool offline!

To use it with your real mmemonic phrase always download a copy of this page and use it offline, or clone the GitHub repository.

Also you can also use the Python or JavaScript scripts provided with the source.

Author: @EnteroPositivo